UP the Boro!

UP the Boro!


Description Gordon Shippey is a fierce campaigner on local issues in his native Middlesbourough. In this book Gordon takes on, amongst others, the local Council, developers who are pushing out poor families and local companies who's record on environmental prtotection leaves much to be desired. Gordon exposes many a cover-up and hypocritical stance as he attempts to discover what the people in power are doing to ruin our lives. Though Gordon may be tackling issues local to Teesside, these issues will be common across most of the UK. Gordon is doing us all a services; in acting as the eyes and ears of society he is in the frontline of the battle against the gentrification, destruction and dehumanisation of the UK. Suppport Gordon by reading this book - be inspired to campain in your local area, on issues you care about! About the Author Gordon MED102000 was born in May 1973 in Middlesbrough, where he still lives. Gordon is a trained physicist and is skilled in electronics, he worked for some time in the nuclear industry. After suffering an accident, Gordon developed acute epilepsy, and was exposed to the gross inequality facing many people with different disabilities. Over the years, he became disillusioned with the ethos within the health system. This lead him to write his account of the awful experiences many people had within the health and disability services, the resulting book 'Disabled Gehhto' was re-published by Chipmunka in 2005. He has become a campaigner for civil rights, particularly for those with disabilities, and even ran as a candidate for the 2003 local elections.

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G Shippey
Paperback | 156 pages
127 x 203 x 9mm | 177g
Publication date
10 Oct 2007
Publication City/Country
Essex, United Kingdom
Illustrations note
black & white illustrations